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If English is not your first language and you are writing either academic or business documents in English, then A to Z Editing Services can help you by carefully proofreading your document to make sure that it reads as if it has been written by someone for whom English is their first language. All of our proofreaders have English as their first language and are therefore able to notice everything from the most obvious to the smallest of spelling, grammar or typographical mistakes in your text.

In the case of academic work, having an A to Z Proofreader to look over your text before you hand it in could literally mean the difference between a good or a poor grade. If the person who is marking your work is unable to properly understand the meaning of your text because the grammar or sentence structure is making the meaning unclear, they will have no choice but to mark you down for this. Having your work proofread by an A to Z Proofreader will ensure that this does not happen and that your work gets the mark it truly deserves.

If English is not your first language and you are working in a field where you are expected to produce written work in English, the A to Z Proofreading Service could prove invaluable to you. It is important for your business that the emails, letters and marketing materials you circulate are clear, comprehensible, articulate and above all, they convey EXACTLY what it is you want to say. All of our A to Z Proofreaders are also experienced copywriters, so if all you have is an idea of what you need to say to your client but are unsure of exactly how to express that in English – we can draft the email, letter (or whatever else you need) for you.

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