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As some of the A to Z Editing Services team have written books themselves, we are all too aware of how much time, energy, love, blood, sweat and tears can go into writing a novel or a non-fiction book. You may have spent months or even years crafting your manuscript and you are finally ready to start sending it off to agents and publishers. However, before doing so, it is vital for your manuscript to be proofread by an A to Z Proofreader. Getting published is a tricky enough process, without having your hard work discarded before it has even been shown to the agent or publisher you have sent it to. If the person in charge of looking through the slush pile has noticed a spelling or grammatical mistake on your first page, they may make the assumption that if you lack attention to detail in this area, then they might as well move on to one of the other of the hundreds of manuscripts they receive every week.

An A to Z Proofreader will scrutinise your entire manuscript or individual chapters for spelling, grammatical, punctuation or typographical errors and deliver it back to you ready to be shown to an agent or publisher, confident in the knowledge that it is completely error-free, leaving you free to concentrate on the most important aspect of your book – the creative process of writing it.

We can also offer you a light editing service if you wish, in which we can make suggestions as to how we feel the text might flow better, where the description might be overly elaborate or perhaps not elaborate enough, if any particular character or speech pattern jars with the rest of the text – anything which we feel may improve the quality of your manuscript.

We are happy to proofread and/or edit:

  • eBooks
  • Education materials
  • Full-length novels
  • Individual chapters
  • Outlines/synopses
  • Poetry
  • Scripts/screenplays
  • Self-help books
  • Short stories
  • Text books

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